Feral Nation Book One now in Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon has recently selected Feral Nation – Infiltration for inclusion in the Prime Reading program for a 90-day period over the summer. That means anyone who is a Prime member can read the book for free. My nonfiction book On Island Time: Kayaking the Caribbean was in this program a few months ago and the extra visibility on the site brought lots of new readers and landed that book in the No. 1 bestseller spot in its main category.

So, if you’re a Prime member but not a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can download and read Feral Nation – Infiltration for free anytime during the duration of this 90-day period. Just go to the link here: https://amzn.to/2JpYaW7

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Feral Nation – Convergence is coming soon…

Just a quick update for any readers here who may not be on my mailing list yet. I just announced last week that Book Six of the Feral Nation series is now available to pre-order and will be released on August 27. Here’s a preview of the cover and description:

From the Amazon.com product page:

All actions have consequences…

Finding Megan alive and in a place of relative safety is a major turning point in Eric Branson’s quest. But even though he’s reached his main objective, Eric’s mission is far from over.

Eric made a hard choice when he left Shauna and Jonathan behind to catch up to Megan, and he knew when he did it there would be consequences.

Determined to set things right and move on to the next stage of his plan, Eric will retrace his route into the Colorado wilderness, but this time he won’t be riding alone.

Insurgents connected with the organization Eric encountered before are bent on controlling a vital corridor between their mountain strongholds to the north and Mexican border, and Eric’s new-found warrior friends are determined to stop them in order to protect their homeland.

Once again, Eric will lend his skill and expertise to fight for others, but it’s a necessary step in attaining his ultimate goal.

Feral Nation – Convergence is the sixth book in the latest post-apocalyptic thriller series from Scott B. Williams.

Pre-order your copy of Feral Nation – Convergence here:


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Feral Nation Series Audiobook Editions Update

I’ve had many inquiries regarding audiobook editions for the Feral Nation Series. Feral Nation – Infiltration: Book One of the series, was produced in an audiobook edition early on, but at that time there were no other published sequels in the series and no agreement with the producer to do them when they were released, so there was a long lag as I wrote and published Books Two through Five.

I’m happy to announce that I am now working with a new narrator, Mike Vendetti, who will be narrating all of the other books in the series. Mr. Vendetti has narrated hundreds of books in many genres, both fiction and nonfiction. He has completed Feral Nation – Insurrection: Book Two, and it is now published and available in the audiobook edition at the links below:

Feral Nation – Insurrection on Amazon

Feral Nation – Insurrection on Audible

Feral Nation – Insurrection on iTunes

Feral Nation – Tribulation, the third in the series, is in audio production now and as soon as it is published, we will move forward with Books Four and Five and the future sequels as they are written and published.

For those of you who have been waiting far too long for the audiobooks, I appreciate your patience as we work to complete the audio editions of the rest of the series.

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