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Intensity was destroyed by Hurricane
Katrina, August 29, 2005
Intensity is a 1968 Grampian sloop that I bought in 1999.  About 1,000 of
these boats were built in Toronto, Ontario from 1968 to 1974.  The
Grampian 26 was solidly built of fiberglass in the era when this
construction was relatively new and most builders over-built rather risking
a lightweight lay-up.  The Grampian 26 has excellent accommodations for
a 26 foot boat, with 6’ headroom in the main cabin and large amounts of
usable storage in various lockers.
Grampian 26 Specs:

LOA                             26'0"
LWL                            21'9"
Beam                             8'4"
Draft                              4'3"
Ballast                        2,600 lbs.
Displacement              5,600 lbs.
Sail area                        325 sq. ft.
Disp./length ratio            242
Sail area/disp. ratio         16.5
PHRF no.                      213
Designer                   Alex McGruer
I found Intensity for sale in Clearwater, Florida, after spending 2 weeks searching the Tampa Bay area for
a suitable sailboat to purchase and sail back to Mississippi.  I was looking for a boat that needed a lot of
work, but was seaworthy enough to make the 450-nautical mile voyage back home.  This Grampian 26 fit
my criteria better than anything else I found in the area.  The owner had started a major refit but had
gotten discouraged and was ready to sell at a giveaway price.  The boat had a brand new Honda 9.9 hp
4-stroke engine, the sails and rigging were good, and the hull and deck had been recently painted with
white Imron.  The interior was unfinished, and there was no functioning galley, no table, and no cabin sole.  
The bunks were there, though, and I could make do without a galley because I had brought all my camping
gear along.  I bought the boat and spent a week getting supplies together, hastily installing cabin lights,
fans, VHF radio, etc., and adding a second anchor and rode.  The passage to Pass Christian, Mississippi
took 9-days, including a 39-hour offshore jump from Anclote Key to Appalachicola.  I fought to stay awake
this entire time, as I was single-handing and had no self-steering vane or autopilot.

The interior was gradually rebuilt over a 2-year period of sporadic work, and purchasing additional gear
and making other upgrades and modifications has been an on-going process.  In 2001 I sailed
Intensity to
Palm Beach, Florida, spending 5 weeks leisurely cruising the west coast of Florida and the Keys enroute.  
The return trip in January of 2002 took only two weeks.  Since this cruise I have continued upgrading and
improving the boat, including changing the color of the hull and deck and re-christening her with present
name in October of 2002.
The view into Intensity's cabin from the companionway.  The galley is to starboard, dinette that converts
to a double berth to port, V-berth forward, head to port aft of the V-berth, and storage to starboard aft of
the V-berth.  A quarter-berth is located to starboard aft of the galley counter.  DC and AC circuit panels
are located to port above the table.
As time permits, I will add more photos and descriptions of the
modifications I have made to
Intensity.  I also plan to write
some articles about the cruising I have done on this boat.

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