Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is a paradise for those who love the water.  Wilderness islands,
offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and a variety of protected waters from bays to coastal
rivers offer something for all boaters and nature lovers.  Exploring Coastal Mississippi is
your guide to these special places.

Mississippi’s barrier islands are perhaps the most remote and unspoiled of any in the Gulf of
Mexico.  Their distance from the mainland has kept them safe from developers and inclusion
in the Gulf Islands National Seashore has assured that they will remain in their natural state
for future generations.

This book provides a detailed description of each destination, along with specific navigation
information to guide those who are new to the area to the islands, secluded coves, and coastal
bayous.  There are options for those in every type of watercraft, from sea kayaks to luxury
yachts.  A chapter on boat selection discusses the various types of craft suitable for exploring
these mostly-shallow waters, and helps beginning boaters make a choice from the vast array
of possibilities.  For those who do not have their own boats, there is information on charter
boats, excursion vessels, and other options for exploring ashore.  The book also provides
how-to information specific to the region, on such subjects as island camping, navigation, and
fishing.  There are discussions of boating safety, local weather patterns, and the history of
the area.

Exploring Coastal Mississippi is the only guidebook that details all of the state’s marine
waterways and barrier islands, with a broad focus for not only those in large cruising boats,
but for the small boat enthusiast as well.  The author has been exploring this area for 15
years in sea kayaks, a variety of small sailing craft, and on board his cruising sailboat.  As
well as serving as a comprehensive guide to the area, Exploring Coastal Mississippi, is rich
in personal anecdotes about the author’s voyages, and will appeal to the armchair traveler
interested in this region.

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Table of Contents:



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Introduction:  Why the Mississippi Coast?

Part One

General Information for Exploring the Region

Chapter One:  A Brief History of the Mississippi Coast

Chapter Two:  Regional Weather, Navigation, and Safety

(Read a Sample from Chapter Two)

Chapter Three:  Boats

Chapter Four:  Camping, Fishing, and other Activities

Part Two

The Mississippi Mainland, Bays, and Coastal Rivers

Chapter Five:  The Pearl River to Bay St. Louis

Chapter Six:  Bay St. Louis, The Jourdan River, and the
Wolf River

(Read a Sample from Chapter Six)

Chapter Seven:  Pass Chrisitian to Biloxi, Including Deer     

Chapter Eight:  Back Bay and Adjoining Waterways

Chapter Nine:  Ocean Springs, Davis Bayou and Bellefontain                             

Chapter Ten:  The Pascagoula River, Round Island, and Grand                          

Part Three

Mississippi's Barrier Islands

Chapter Eleven:  Petit Bois Island

(Read a Sample from Chapter Eleven)

Chapter Twelve:  Horn Island

Chapter Thirteen:  East Ship Island and West Ship Island

Chapter Fourteen:  Cat Island

Appendix A:  Boating Safety Equipment

Appendix B:  Marinas of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Appendix C:  Marine Services of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Appendix D:  Island Camping Checklist

Appendix E:  Sea Kayak Touring Checklist

Appendix F:  Resources

Appendix G:  Bibliography/Recommended Reading



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